What Da Dog Doin? (2024)

The question “What the dog doin?” is an omnipresent question that has been resurfacing on TikTok and Vine. The viral video was originally created in 2014 and has been resurfacing with renewed interest.

The masterpiece is a complex piece of work and there are multiple theories about its meaning. The questions and themes presented are incredibly insightful and enlightening.

Theme 1: Self Acceptance

Whether you call it self-love, self-approval or self-compassion the research shows that learning to accept yourself is one of the keys to emotional well-being and happiness.

Self acceptance is the ability to love all your qualities, strengths and faults, both positive and negative, without judging yourself for them. In fact, it can be difficult to do so, which is why it’s important to practice this mindset daily!

People who lack self-acceptance may experience depression, anxiety or body image issues. These negative thoughts can keep them from enjoying life and can also disrupt their emotional control.

To develop more self-acceptance, practice loving-kindness meditation. Repeating phrases that promote compassion towards yourself or others can help separate your overall person from their individual traits and actions, helping to foster a more compassionate and balanced perspective on yourself.

Theme 2: Loneliness

Loneliness is an inevitable part of life, not only for some but all. It can make anyone incredibly depressed and sad.

Throughout John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men" many of the characters talk about their loneliness. They talk about how it affects their actions and their feelings, some more than others.

Characters that are lonely in the book include Candy, an old man with only one hand and Crooks, a black cripple. Moreover, Curley's wife is a young woman who is ignored by other people, which makes her feel lonely.

These feelings of loneliness can be very depressing for everyone, but they are even more so for those who are affected by them. This is the reason why it's important to try and avoid being lonely as much as possible. In addition, if you do find yourself feeling lonely, then it's important to try and have some friends. This can help you overcome the loneliness and make you happier.

Theme 3: Discrimination

Discrimination is the act of treating someone differently because of their race, gender or religion. It can be subtle or overt, and it has serious consequences for the people affected and for society as a whole.

There are a few main types of discrimination – intentional, institutional and structural. Intentional discrimination is the most obvious and involves an intent to do harm, such as denying a person an application for a job because they are clean shaven or giving them a lower score on a test because they have a certain skin colour. Institutional discrimination is less direct in nature but can still have a major impact, such as laws limiting the rights of women or ethnic or religious minorities. On the other hand, structural discrimination refers to policies that are neutral in intent but still have a significant impact on those in the targeted group. The best way to avoid discrimination is to make sure everyone is treated fairly and with respect. The key to achieving this is education.

Theme 4: Corruption

Corruption is a complex concept that needs to be explored in a variety of ways. Some theories focus on the decline of moral virtue and others on deviant behavior.

The concept of corruption is found in literature and across society. You see it in books like Animal Farm and Night by Elie Wiesel.

But corruption is also a real problem that has affected many countries and societies around the world. It is something that everyone can do something about to stop it.

Corruption is a difficult theme to explore, but it is important to understand that this is a fundamental human instinct and that it affects every person. It can be caused by any number of things, but it is mainly related to power.

What Da Dog Doin? (2024)
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