What Is Allied Health? (2024)

Allied health is the term used to describe a large cluster of professions and personnel who work in conjunction with physicians. They provide a wide range of diagnostic, technical and therapeutic services for patients in connection with health care.

They work in hospitals, clinics and administrative offices with physicians and nurses. They may also practice independently in private practices.


Allied health is the umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of professions that are not medical doctors, nurses or pharmacists. These professionals work in a range of healthcare settings and use evidence-based practices to care for patients.

Those in allied health jobs often have education, training and qualifications specifically relevant to their duties. They may be involved in preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of diseases.

Allied health jobs are available in many healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics. They also exist in other settings such as schools, community centers and nursing homes.

Scope of Practice

Allied health practitioners play an important role in providing health care and related services to patients, their families and their communities. They use scientific principles and evidence-based practices to diagnose, treat, promote wellness, and provide support in a variety of settings.

The scope of practice for a health practitioner is governed by legislation and professional standards. These are often defined in a state-specific scope of practice act.

There are several factors that may influence a health care practitioner’s scope of practice, including education, competency, professional identity and role confusion. These factors can also be influenced by regulatory policies, legislation and organisational structures.

The scope of practice of allied health professionals is regulated by federal, state and provincial government agencies. These laws generally require licensure and certification for the various roles in a profession.

Education Requirements

Allied health professionals need to be well-educated to function in their roles. A bachelor's degree is usually needed to work as a registered nurse, and a master's degree is necessary for many allied health jobs.

A number of allied health programs combine classroom learning with hands-on experience to build expertise. They also provide clinical and service-learning experiences that connect students with the community, extending their experience beyond typical fieldwork.

An allied health degree can be obtained through a combination of vocational school, undergraduate and graduate degrees, or apprenticeships. These programs typically last 4 years and combine academic study with practical, paid employment.

As a frontline health care professional, you can make a difference in your community. Whether you work at a fire station, in a hospital or in private practices, you play an important role in helping people identify and access the healthcare they need.

Licensing Requirements

Allied health professionals play a vital role in the health care industry. They offer diagnostic services, work alongside medical staff and improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Licensing requirements are a key component of an allied health career. These requirements may be based on the specific job title you pursue or be universal across all allied health careers.

For example, a physician assistant may have to pass the national certification exam and a state exam in order to practice medicine. A hearing aid dispenser, on the other hand, only needs to be certified by the American Board of Audiology in order to be licensed.

States can also enter into licensure compacts, which allow allied health professionals to practice across state lines without having to apply for multiple state licenses each time they move. This helps them avoid negative consequences while working in different states.

What Is Allied Health? (2024)
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