Mental Health - What Do I Do Online? (2024)

Mental health is a silent crisis in America, with nearly 21% of adults and 17% of teens dealing with anxiety and depression. It can be difficult to admit you’re struggling with a mental health problem, and it’s often difficult to find the right care for you.

Online therapists and psychiatrists can help you get the treatment you need.


GoodTherapy is an online therapy directory with a robust listing of mental health professionals across the country. The site also offers a blog, a resource library and professional development opportunities for providers.

Therapists who join the site receive free listings for a period of time and can write articles or create podcasts to help attract new clients and build their practice. This is a great way to boost your visibility with therapy seekers and improve your search engine rankings.

The company also encourages therapists to get involved in its community by offering a number of ways for them to give back. This includes opportunities to submit original articles for publication, reduced rates on products and services from partners, and a large database of live and archived continuing education events that count toward licensing renewal.


NQTTCN is an online therapy directory that connects therapy seekers with queer and trans therapists of color (QTPoC). This resource can be helpful for LGBTQIA+ patients who want affirming care but don’t have access to it.

It also provides a fund to help financially underprivileged therapy seekers pay for sessions. It serves 30 states and is especially helpful for people living in therapy deserts, areas with poor access to mental health care.

In our survey of users, 85% said NQTTCN was useful for them and 81% found it easy or very easy to use. They were satisfied with the number of therapists they could choose from and felt that NQTTCN was better than other directories they tried.

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is a telehealth service that provides appointments with board-certified doctors and mental health professionals. It’s available 365 days a year, and you can schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or therapist anytime you need it.

It’s free to sign up and download the app, and you pay only when you talk with a clinician. The rate for a 15-minute appointment is $75.

The therapists on this platform can provide talk therapy, medication management and more to help you get back to your full mental health. They treat a range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD and autism spectrum disorder.

LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is an online telehealth platform that connects consumers with board-certified medical doctors and licensed therapists. Its services include urgent care, talk therapy and psychiatry.

Medical visits with the site’s doctors are about 10-15 minutes long, including time to answer questions and provide a diagnosis or treatment plan. They treat common conditions, such as the flu, strep throat, pink eye, bronchitis, ear infections and allergies.

Psychotherapy sessions are 45 minutes long and can help with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship or parenting issues, grief, panic attacks and coping with an illness. They can also prescribe medication, if necessary.


Teladoc is an online service that allows users to receive health care from a variety of providers. It can be helpful for people who don’t want to go to an in-person appointment or for those with busy schedules that make it difficult to see a traditional doctor.

The company offers a secure, private portal and communicates regularly to remind its customers of appointments. It also screens its providers for diversity, which means they offer culturally-aware therapy sessions in a range of languages.

The sign-up process is easy and fast. It only requires users to provide their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. It also requires users to agree to the terms of the company’s privacy policy, which describes how it collects, uses, and shares patient information.

Mental Health - What Do I Do Online? (2024)
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